How to download biometric user data from Crawlink ERP?

This is a question about the usage of eSSL biometric device in Crawlink ERP. Crawlink ERP has the complete information of Students and Staff of an organization in the database. Now we need to import all student and staff basic information to the biometric device for attendance time tracking. Generally, the device required an ID, Name, Password, RFID Card Number and Fingerprint data of a user(student/Staff) in order to take attendance. In Crawlink ERP, We have all the information about Student and Staff, out of it, we need to structure the required data in a machine-readable format.  The eSSL Biometric devices needs data to be bundled in a 'users.dat' file to import in the device. So crawlink ERP gives a simple way to download the users.dat file form crawlink web portal.

How to Download Staffs From Crawlink ERP?

1. Login to Crawlink Erp
2. Select Biometric Device in Left Navigation bar
3. Select Download User Data
4. Click on Filter option at the top - click on + button at the right-hand side
5. Click on the drop-down option - select User type (Left side)
6. Click on the drop-down and select Staff (Right side)
7. Click on Apply 
8. Click on the Download button in the right top corner.
9. Select OK
10. It will Download user.dat file, put the user.dat file into Pen drive