How to Arrange table culums in Crawlink School ERP?

It is an important requirement of Crawlink Users to arrange table columns in all the screens. We keep a variety of information in Crawlink ERP application about Students and staff like there personal information and their educational information. Some important tabular view screens I named here like, Student List, Staff List, Staff Attendance information and amny more. Each an every tabular view we need to arrange the columns or change the visibility of columns based on various requirements. I am now mentioning how to arrange of change visibility of table columns below.

Procedure to change columns:

  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email  or phone number
  2. Click on any tabular view, in my case All student
  3. Select Column arrange button in the right  top the corner of the table, It will open a column config dialog.
  4. Click on Checkbox to visible the column
  5. Arrange column using Item move image placed in left of the every column name
  6. In case of and Category related Column available in the table if will Display as N & C buttons, N-> Name of the field, C-> Code of the field
  7. Then press APPLY Button.

* The s column arrangement buttons have two more buttons for Select all, Unselect all, Reset to default selection in the right corner of the dialog title bar.

Following is the Images to do column Arrangement: