Bio-metric attendance in Crawlink ERP?

Procedure to get Bio-metric device attendance Reports: 
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on the Bio-metric device and Then click the attendance.
  3. It will display an attendance page, with attendance report of both students and staff.
  4. Filter start date and end date, we will get all user's attendance reports.
  5. Click on the Print icon, attendance report dialog will open where we can take the print of all attendance report.
  6. Click on the Download icon, it will download all attendance report present in that page into an excel sheet.
  7. Click on More options, it will display view full attendance and download full attendance.
  8. Click on View full attendance, it will display all users attendance report, where we can download and print the attendance report.
  9. Click on download full attendance, it will download all the attendance report in the excel sheet.
  10. Click on Name of the staff or student, view dialog will open where we can download or take the print of particular staff or student attendance report
  11. We can also delete the attendance.

Following are the Images to get Bio-metric device attendance Reports: