How to create Receive record and head in Crawlink ERP?

Procedure to create a Receive record:
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on Finance and Then Click Receive.
  3. Click on More options, show Receive records it is present in the right top corner of the Page, it will open Receive record page.
  4. Click on create a record. Enter name, description and select category.
  5. Then press the Save button.
Following are the Images to create Receive record:

Procedure to View, Edit and Delete Receive record:
  1. Create Receive record.
  2. In the right corner of the record, click on Verticle Ellipsis it will display More options.
  3. In More option we have: 
    1. Edit,
    2. Delete.
  4. We have an option for View record If We Click on name link, View dialog will open. In that, We will get all the details of the Receive record.
  5. Click on Edit:  It will Open Edit record dialog, In this Edit record dialog, We can Modify or update the record details.
  6. Click on Delete: It will Display Delete dialog with info Message If you click delete, the Receive record will be deleted Permanently. 
Following are the Images to View, Edit and Delete Receive record:

Procedure to create a Receive record Head:
  1. Create Record.
  2. Click on record name, it will open view record dialog.
  3. Click on create a head.
  4. Enter name and description then click the save button.
  5. We can also do Edit and Delete Head.
Following are the images to create a Receive record Head: