How to Create Subjects Association in Crawlink ERP?

School Academics module allows you to carry out all the tasks required you to manage the school academics better and efficiently. All the activities to manage and enhance the management of school academics can be carried out very easily and fast. You can carry out all the office academic tasks like creating Subjects Association and also add the subject to the association, in crawlink ERP.

Procedure to Create Subjects Association:
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on Academic and Then Click Subjects.
  3. Click on Association and then click Create New Subject in the right top the corner of the Page, It will open a create subject Association dialog.
  4. Select department, course, branch, year, semester, class, section, subject and Teacher.
  5. Then click the save button.
    Following are the Images to Create Subjects Association:

    Procedure to Filter Subjects Association:
    1. Click on Academic Subjects and Then Click Association.
    2. Filter Button is Present in the left top corner.
    3. Click on Filter,  Enquiry Filter dialog will open.
    4. The Filter Performs two operations:
      1. AND Operation.
      2. OR Operation.
    5. Select any one of them, In the right corner Add Rule[+], is Present, Click on Add Rule, It will display a drop-down list of department, course, branch, year, semester, class, section, subject, and Teacher, select all of them. 
    6. Then Press Apply.
    Following are the Images to Filter Subjects Association: