How to Get All Employee's List in Crawlink School ERP?

This is an important requirement of Crawlink Users to get all Employee list. All employee list module helps to get all the Employee list in an excel sheet, Also we can make the Employee active and inactive and It also helps to generate id-card.

Procedure to View, Edit and Delete Students:
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on All Employees.
  3. You will get the list of All Employees.
  4. In the right corner of an Employee, you will find more options, then click on More option.
  5. More option will display 
    1. View,
    2. Edit,
    3. Delete,
    4. Active or In-Active.
  6. Click on View: It will Open View Employee dialog, In this view dialogue, We can get the minimum details of an Employee. And also We have More buttons in view dialog Namely:
    • View MoreIf you click on view more, It will display all the details of an employee. 
    • Edit: If you click on Edit, the Edit Staff page will be displayed here you can update Employee details.
    • Print: By using the Print button we can take the Print of Employee details.
    • Next and Previous: By using the Next and Previous button we can see Next and Previous Employee details.
    • We have one more option for View, If we click on name link, View dialogue will open.
  7. Click on Edit:  It will Open Edit Staff Page, In this Edit Student Page, We can Update or Modify and Correcting the Employee information and details.
  8. Click on Delete: It will Display Delete dialog with info message If you click delete, the employee will be deleted Permanently. 
  9. Click on Active: If you click on Active, The Inactive employee will be Activated.
  10. Click on Inactive: If you click on Inactive, The Active Employee will be Inactivated.
  11. Here also we can take Employee enrolment, In the Right top corner of the page Create new employee Button is present by click on that you can take Employee enrollment.

Following are the Images to View, Edit and Delete Employee:

Procedure to Search Employees: 
  1. Click on All Employees.
  2. Search is Present in the left top corner of the Page, It has a drop-down list and it consists of  Name, Roll No, Reg No, Emp ID, RF Id, Email and Phone no. Select any one of them and then Search. 
  3. In my case Based on Phone no. am Searching Employees.

Following are the Images to Search Employees:

Procedure to Filter Employees:
  1. Click on All Employees.
  2. Filter Button is Present in the left top corner next to Search.
  3. Click on Filter,  Student Filter dialog will open.
  4. The Filter Performs two operations:
    1. AND Operation.
    2. OR Operation.
  5. Select any one of them, In the right corner Add Rule[+], is Present, Click on Add Rule, It will display a drop-down list of Academic Year, Caste, Created Date, Created By, Department, Designation, Date of birth, Date of joining, Gender, Grade, Is active, Is admin, Is alumni, Is salesperson, Is super admin, Is support person, Updated Date, and Updated By, Select them.
  6. Then Press Apply.

Following are the Images to Filter Employees:

Procedure to Download Employees Data into Excel sheet:

  1. Click on All Employees.
  2. Download Button is Present in the Right top corner, Below the Create new Employee Button.
  3. Click on Download Button. It will Download all the Employees Data into Excel Sheet. 

Following are the Images to Download Employees Data into Excel sheet: