How to get Employee Details in Crawlink ERP?

This is a very important requirement of Crawlink Users to get Employee Details in Crawlink ERP.  Here we get information about Employee basic details, Personal information, Educational details, Attendance, Bank details, Professional experience, Performance, and Documentation.  A complete view of the Employee and here we can send Message and SMS to a particular Employee. We preserve a series of information in Crawlink ERP application about Employee and their information.

Procedure to get Employee Details:
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on Employee Details. 
  3. It will display the list of All Employee on the left side of the page with Search and Filter.
  4. Click on an Employee Name.
  5. It will display all the details of a particular Employee. It holds details of Employee Basic Details, Personal Details, Educational Details, Educational details, Bank Details, Professional experience, Documentation, Attendance and Performance.
  6. In the Employee Details page we have More buttons like:
    1. Send Message: It will Open Compose Message dialogue, Enter the Message title and Message body and Send. This message is sent only to that particular Employee.
    2. Send SMS: It will Open Compose new SMS dialogue, it will take phone no. automatically, Enter the body of SMS and Send. The SMS is sent only to that particular Employee.
    3. Full details: It will display Employee Full details page and it holds details of Employee Basic details, Personal details, and Professional experience. And also it has Print Button, we can take the print of the Employee details. 
    4. Edit EmployeeIt will Open Edit Employee Page, In this Edit Employee Page, We can Update, Modify and Change the Employee details.
    5. More Menu: It holds two options,
      1.  Delete Employee: We can delete that Employee.
      2.  Active and inactive: We can make that Employee active and inactive.
    6. Next and Previous: By using the Next and Previous button we can get Next and Previous Employee Details.
Following are the Images to get Employee Details:

Procedure to Add Document for Employee in Employee details:
  1. Click on Employee Details.
  2. Click on one Employee Name.
  3. Click on Documentation. It will Display Employee Document Page.
  4. Click on Add Document Button it is present in the Right corner of the page.
  5. This will display Create Document dialogue, Enter Name, Description and Attach the file. 
  6. Press Save Button.
Following are the Images to Add Document for Employee in Employee details:

Procedure to Check attendance of Employee in Employee details:
  1. Click on Employee Details.
  2. Click on one Employee Name.
  3. Click on Attendance. It will Display Employee Attendance details page.
  4. Click on Employee Name. It will display Employee attendance details with attendance sheet details.
Following are the Images to Check attendance of Employee in Employee details: