How to make Finance New Payment in Crawlink ERP?

Procedure to make Finance New Payment:
  1. Login into Crawlink School ERP using your email or phone number.
  2. Click on Finance and Then Click Payments.
  3. Click on New Payment in the right top corner of the Page, It will open a new payment dialog.
  4. Fill all the details present in the new payment dialog, select profile, payment mode, category, record, head and paid to user type. 
  5. Then click Save and Print, it will save and open the print dialog to print payment.
Following are the Images to make Finance New Payment:

Procedure to Print, View, Edit and Delete Payment:
  1. Create Payment.
  2. In the right corner of the Paymentclick on Verticle Ellipsis it will display More options.
  3. In More option we have: 
    1. Print,
    2. View,
    3. Edit,
    4. Delete.
  4. Click on Print: It will open payment dialog with print buttons. Click on the print button it will print the payment.
  5. Click on View: It will Open View payment dialog, In this view payment dialog, We will get all the details of payment, and also we have three more buttons Print icon, print button, and edit. By using the Print button and print icon we can take the Print of the payment if we click the edit button it will open edit payment dialog(*)We have one more option for View, if we click on name link, View dialog will open.
  6. Click on Edit:  It will Open Edit payment dialog, In this Edit payment dialog, We can Update or Modify the payment details.
  7. Click on Delete: It will Display Delete dialog with info Message If you click delete, the payment will be deleted Permanently. 
Following are the Images to Print, View, Edit and Delete Payment:

Procedure to Filter Payment:
  1. Click on Finance and Then Click Payment.
  2. Filter Button is Present in the left top corner.
  3. Click on Filter,  Payment Filter dialog will open.
  4. The Filter Performs two operations:
    1. AND Operation.
    2. OR Operation.
  5. Select any one of them, In the right corner Add Rule[+], is Present, Click on Add Rule, It will display a drop-down list of External account, Date, Head, Paid by user, Finance profile, and Record, Select them.
  6. Then Press Apply.
Following are the Images to Filter Payment: